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Аккорды Аквариум The Postcard

Проигрыш: характерным песне ритмом: F#m,D,F#m,Hm

F#m      D
This is a postcard
F#m              Hm
Saying I'm alright in this beautiful city
F#m      D
This is a phon call
     F#m         Hm
Saying, yes, I am sleeping alone here
G(III)           D
But the telephone lines are cut
Hm         F#m
My hands can't hold the paper
F#m  C   D
You are on my mind

Nobody knows your name here,
Except when the moon is out
And then they toss in their sleep
Crying out for you to take them
But me i cannot sleep,
I cannot dream,
My heart is shattered
You are on my mind

F#m                 D
Once seven colors used to make men blind
  F#m                  Hm
And now we are like birds stuck in barbed wire

Precise, like sunrise
A child just like any other
Made of the bones of the earth
fragile and deathless
Yes, i'm alright
I'm a church,
And i'm burning down

You are on my mind
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